Friday, August 1, 2014

Eagle in Vail

Vail, Colorado is a very interesting place, I would have liked it, even if I had gone alone. But being with the family and watching Caleb made is so much more enjoyable. He had been there before and knew his way around.

I wish that those we elected to Congress 'knew their way around' enough to put their feet down and insist that the president obey the law of the land.  Having him sue the state of Arizona for having to take on the task that the federal government has not done and defend themselves from and onslaught of illegal immigrants is highly unconstitutional. Why, the one thing that the federal government is to do it protect this country from invasion or attack of any kind.

We certainly are not safe as long as this man is sitting in the oval office...unless we take it upon ourselves to defend ourselves and our borders.

Pray that God will see a big change in the attitude of this country and will put in place people who will uphold the Constitution and live good, clean, godly lives.

Let your light so shine that God will take pleasure in his creation once again.

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