Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

It seems like we were just in Colorado, but actually we've been back home for close to two months. Where has the time gone? I could be quite happy to see cherry blossoms for much longer than they stay on the trees. I'm so glad we were in Vail at the right time to get our family picture made right there on that wall.

Well, I still have lots of summer chores to do around here. The weeds have taken over, yes, poison ivy as well. So, tomorrow I hope to dedicate the day to weed removal, some by chemicals and others by a good jerk on their roots. I pulled quite a few today and found the ground ideally soft so that the weeds extracted from the soil readily.  While I'm working, I'll most likely think of this lovely picture at some point and day dream about those blossoms.

The rest of the time, I'll most likely think about getting through the next couple of years  without completely losing our country to those eager to capsize us in a sea of debt.  If our citizenry had been duly educated in history and government, we would have never let it go so far astray. However, they had a plan, a good one that has worked. They put socialists (communist) professors in our colleges of journalism and education, so that they could indoctrinate our media workers and school teachers in the ways of socialism. Meanwhile they were teaching those same students that we are a bad country. They robbed those students of their pride in our country. We are now paying the price for neglecting to protect our youth from these outside provacateurs.

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