Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fireworks at the Lakes

July 4th has come and gone.  Our liberty has come and gone as well. At least it is on its way out. But as long as I'm permitted to salute this flag and celebrate the birth of this nation, I will. We have been the best nation ever...and if you are from another country, you might feel the same about your country. That is your prerogative and mine.  I will continue to say, God Bless America because He has and I pray He will in the future.

Every year we have fireworks over the lakes. It is a privately funded celebration. There is no government involvement.  Private citizens and businesses choose to support the fireworks display. Every year, we take the boat out on the lake to watch the art work in the sky and we are never disappointed.

I may have written earlier about this... many of our neighbors around the lakes buy their own supply of pyrotechnics and entertain the rest of us night after night. Although I've heard many people in other parts of the country complain about that kind of thing, I've not heard complaints here. I love it.

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