Thursday, July 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Ladies

While Kim and April were here in mid June, they were very busy.  When they were not here working, they were visiting other family members. It was a very busy few days for them. 

We surely appreciated all that they did and were glad they got to see relatives as well.  

This picture was taken at Tracey's dad's house where they met.  Aprils' bright blouse gave me the idea for the fun colors in painterly look for the layout.

From beauty to duty.  Our Constitution provides for a life of freedom for those who are citizens of this country, but we are not stepping up to the plate and demanding that those WE elected stay within the boundaries set up by that document. We are shirking our duty.

And speaking of boundaries, this country, as well as all countries in the world, has borders.  They were designed to keep those who do not belong here out. It should keep them out until they have completed steps to abide by the law. 

What happens when an American crosses the border of another country while unauthorized to do so? If you don't know, google it. Find out. Check out any country you wish. The consequences are not good at all. They are in most cases pretty severe.  Yet, we now have a president who brings them in by the bus load and coddles them. Generally, in the last few years, have given illegal immigrants housing, medical care, schooling, food stamps, welfare, driver's licenses.  You name it, if you are an American citizen and can get something from the government, so can the illegals.  And don't tell me they shouldn't be called illegal immigrants. There is no better term, unless it is burglars.

May we stand firm and vote out any office holder who does not respect our Constitution or way of life. 

I'm looking for a mass exodus of uninvited people,  but I know there are alterior motives for keeping them here...and they are NOT GOOD for our country... for Obama, who  desperately needs more votes, since he is succeeding in breaking our country day by day. It is hard for him to hide that fact now that it has gone  so far.

I pray that those who love the Lord will stand tall and fight for the right to live in freedom.

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