Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fragile Girl?

Ron had started the wall on his own, but when April showed up and offered her help, he didn't turn her down.  It was cool to see her lift those big heavy blocks.  There is a family joke about her being fragile.  Yeah right. I doubt anyone would call her that after seeing these pictures.  She may be small, but look out!

Not sure why that reminds me of the problem we have with TV shows these days...but here goes. Some of us girls were discussing our favorite shows. We had noticed over the years that once we were really hooked on a good show, after a couple of seasons, they would throw in a gay and we would lose interest in the show. We couldn't understand why they would do that. It didn't make the show any better, as a matter of fact, it usually just didn't fit. Certainly it wasn't necessary to add that element.

Today, on Rush, he talked about that. He said that statistics say about 2% of the population is gay...just 2 %. Now, why would they add gays so often to the scripts, when there are so few of them? It certainly would not be for that 2%, since it offends many, many more people. And they are using the shows to market goods and services.   Rush has the answer. It is not a financial decision, it is political. They want to make it look like there are many, many gays. Part of that plan is to make Christians look mean spirited, narrow, cruel, anything that would make them less appealing .

Of course, I feel it is Satan working his evil.

I can overlook that life style, if it is not purposefully thrown in my face. I understand that none of us are without sin...and that is just another sin.

I can love those who feel differently.

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