Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mine Craft

Now that the triplets all have their own rooms, each decided to decorate to his or her own taste.  Mason wanted his to represent his favorite  video game, Minecraft. Here he is posing in his cool room.

His mom made the quilt for the bed and found the  Minecraft torch online. His dad taped off the room for painting, then they added the pattern to the walls. His sister Ashley even helped with that. Chelle printed the pictures and photoshopped them to fit 8x8 frames. She printed pictures to cover the light switches and Mod Podged them.

The room is quite interesting, Mason.  Good choice and hope you realize how blessed you are to have such a loving family with cool imaginations and wonderful crafting skills.

Just now, when I added the title to this post, I noticed that I had titled the page Mine Shaft, Where was my mind? Evidently there is something named MineShaft as well, since I found this title online.
I'll need to change that, but not tonight. I'm too tired already. So here it is. I'll change it before I do my next book.

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