Sunday, December 28, 2014

Brotherly Love

As usual, I'm behind a couple of months. Will I ever catch up? Well, not at this rate. It seems that when I think I will, there comes another obstacle. There are several playing with me now.  High blood pressure meds that are doing a number on me, a new version of Photoshop Elements, a new operating system on my Mac and do we need more?  NO But because of a gift Ron gave me for Christmas, I am now hooked on Pandora internet radio. Oh, and my music  is so soothing...good for the blood pressure, but it can really slow me down as well.  It has taken me hours to do this one layout of Caleb and Oliver.

I love the subject. I have never ever seen such love between brothers. Little Oliver idolizes Caleb and he knows how to show it.

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