Monday, December 29, 2014

Not Too Far Behind

Yes. I'm still back in October with my scrapbooking; BUT, Christmas has been put away at our house. I had to start the day after Christmas because our dog, Maggie has been trying to undecorate the tree since the day after Thanksgiving.  She damaged a few ornaments and destroyed several more. But actually, I doubt if anyone other than I would have noticed there was anything missing. I really load down my trees.  When I put the tree away early last years, I thought that surely she wouldn't bother it this year... Well, I'm thinking that again about next year.  Anyone out there have trouble with a dog like that?  Do they grow out of it?  She seemed distraught as I boxed up everything.

As much as I hate being behind when I have so many super good pictures from the kid's Christmas celebrations this year, I really enjoyed doing these two today with the pumpkin theme.

Besides all the work I've done today, I'm slowly reading Ben Carson's One Nation, trying to be objective. I'm really understanding where this man is coming from and liking him more and more.  Could it be that our God has sent him, raised by a poor single mother, to save this country from what we have let happen to it in the last decades?

I pray that if he is indeed God's answer to the prayers of the faithful,  he will be elected president and will have a faithful Congress and court system to support our comeback.

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