Thursday, December 18, 2014

International Digital Scrapbooking Day

No, it was not today.  I was not last week. It was last month, November 1. It always falls on a Saturday. This year, I was actually able to take part. I didn't participate with any groups, just sat at my computer most of the day and produced lots of layouts. It was a fun day and helped me get a lot done.

I wish I had one of those days each month. You would think it would be no problem scheduling such an event once in a while, since I'm retired; but anyone who is retired can tell you, it just doesn't work like that. It doesn't take many days after quitting your job that your days fill up with things you'd never even thought of before. You wonder how in the world you ever had time to work.Then  as the years pass, you start thinking and moving slower and that really complicates things.

On a positive note. I'm really enjoying these years. I  can blog about September, October and November in December and it really doesn't bother me much...a little, but not much.

Christmas is coming and I am more ready for it today than I was yesterday. That is good news.

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