Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am partial to these pictures for at least six reasons. 1. The subject is our grandson, Caleb. 2. He reminds me of my mother, especially the first side view. 3.It has a natural easy going country feel.
4. It could have been taken any time in the last 100 or so years. 5. It reminds me of the simple life without expensive toys, games, etc. 6. That big puff ball looks like a big dandy lion. What kind of plant is that?

At this time, I'm still struggling with thoughts of what to buy for some for Christmas. It doesn't get easier with age.

I was to address Christmas cards today, but instead ended up with a pretty major fibro attack. Don't know what that is about.

Managed to go with friends to see Exodus tonight. Was able  to stay awake because of a nap this afternoon. The movie didn't bare much resemblance to the real Exodus of God's people back in Bible times...very, very little in fact. But I understand it made a lot of money. And that is what counts in the movie business.  We just keep getting suckered in. You would think we would learn.

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