Thursday, April 23, 2015

They are Watching

It seems that I have a new admirer. At least he likes to climb the pole to the dinner bell outside my window. He seems to be peering in at me. Actually, the window is one way. I can see him, but he sees only himself, so he isn't watching me at all.

And speaking of watching. Who is watching you? Are you being a good example? Or might you cause someone to stumble?  

I read my morning newsletter by Max Lucado today.  I'm paraphrasing the first part of what he had to say. If someone is seeking a better way of life, will they find it in you? Will they see your joy, or might they see boredom?  

The next part, I've copied for you here:

"As long as I’m getting personal—parents, what are your children learning from your worship? Do they see the same excitement as when you go to a baseball game? Do they see you hungry to see the face of your Father? Or do they see you content to leave the way you came? They’re watching. Believe me…they are watching! May I urge you to be just like Jesus…and prepare your heart for worship. "   Max Lucado

God bless you all.

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