Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Waltzing Kangaroo

Waltzing Kangaroo is a unique name for a restaurant, at least I had not heard it before. Did you know that Kangaroos waltzed? 

I've always thought it was nice that Beth has lived in other countries and has had experiences to which most people are never exposed. I know she and her sister were young while they were in Australia, but they still remember.  

John and Beth both knew German. Beth spent a school year in Germany taking the fifth year of their high school. That gave her the opportunity to learn German.  John had learned German the year he lived in Vienna, Austria while he was in college. He studied Spanish through elementary and high school.

Beth  and John also lived in Bulgaria while in the Peace Corps.  Thus, they both speak Bulgarian.

I have found that a language may seem lost, but will come back when needed.

Back to the Waltzing Kangaroo... Beth and her sister, Sara, took their children there in March.  They found it to have an authentic Australian bakery with pies, which are all savory and mostly meat based. 

The food looks absolutely scrumptious.

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