Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome to the Farm

Children in Ft Collins are blessed with a City Farm and a Farm School , where they can meet the farm animals and learn how to take care of them as well as many other facts and skills which are valuable for children to know. It's much better to learn by experience than from a book or least in this case.

The boys never tire of visiting the farms.

We were so happy to be able to visit with them once again, even if our time was very short; for we were also anxious to see their new baby sister.  

The trip was a quick one. We are already home and I'm already missing them, while confined to bed with a knee that grew progressively worse all week. I thought I would be all right since I took such good care of it at the airport by riding in a wheel chair.  But, I managed to finish it off  after we got home. So now, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Am praying he doesn't say an operation is needed...It's the best time of year here!!!

Praying daily for common sense to rise it's head here in the states.     

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