Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ashley/Annie and Maggie/Lake

While Ashley's brother was in the hospital with pneumonia and her parents were spending many hours with him, Ashley had to carry on. She had play practice. Her acting academy was putting on a Broadway Revue of three plays, Annie, Charlie Brown and Carousel.  When opening night came, her mother had pneumonia, but the show had to go Ashley pulled it off. She made it through.

I know it was particularly hard for Chelle to miss it.  I wish I could have been there. So happy there are good pictures. 

This layout is of the first part where Ashley plays one of the orphans in Annie.

Well, I have to tell you what happened while we were boating this evening. I'm certainly glad it happened before it got dark.  We were in a small lake that branches off 'our' lake. It was not far from home. When out of the blue, our little Havanese jumped off the front of the boat. She had only been in the water once before and that was when she fell off the dock at home two years ago and a friend, Don fished her out of the lake.  Of course, I panicked, especially when my friend, Bernadette and I heard her hit the bottom of the boat. I was sure she would be knocked out and run over by the motor.  But all is well. Ron was able  to stop the boat. She was about 20 feet behind us. She swam to us and he was able to pick her up by the hair on the back of her neck. Talk about a wet dog, so necessarily...four wet people as well, after she shook like crazy. We had no towels, except for a small tea towel. So after I let her air dry for a while and she started chilling, I finally wrapped that little towel around her and held her close until she warmed a bit and stopped trembling.  I figured she had learned her lesson. She's never liked to bathe. But, after she dried, she started to the front of the boat again. At that point, I grabbed her leash and collar and put them on her, so that I could hold on to her.  I pray she never does that again.

Now, for the good news I want to print each night. I'm sure there is some out there, and I may have read it earlier in the day, but the incident shook it right out of my head. I'll be back to that train of thought, hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. Oh Gee that is scary! Is she ok? Does she have a bump from hitting the boat?