Monday, March 5, 2018

April's New Truck

Now that April is contracting the work  done on their house and she has asked to borrow her husband's truck repeatedly, he bought her one of her own, a nice bright red one.  

She is not only overseeing the construction angle, but doing the decorating at the same time.  She goes all over purchasing this or that  and driving it back to her home state.  Today she dropped by here to pick up a door she had bought a couple of months ago and left in our care until she had enough room to take it home.

Even though she is a beautiful girl, she has become pretty handy at getting a man's work done. Watch her climb up on her truck. 

Our little dog, Maggie is a Tom Boy herself, wanting to do anything her daddy is doing, especially if it has to do with tractors or trucks. So she is excited to see April and her vehicle.

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