Saturday, March 10, 2018

The World of Imagination

I know this is a stretch, but it tickled me when I saw that little 'rainbow' shoot right out there at me in my kitchen. Of course I had my phone and grabbed some shots. Later I found this song by Nat  King Cole. It was just right  for making a layout.

If it is too small to read there, here it is:

Nat King Cole sang it:
At the end of a rainbow, 
You´ll find a pot of gold 
At the end of a story, 
You´ll find it´s all been told.

The end of the rainbow found me,
but there was no pot of gold.
Just me and my phone camera.

And I'm still trying to come up with the end of the story. It must have something to do with getting the Christmas decorations down and put away for another year.
'By the way...I did that the same week. 

It isn't still up! Even though one year we did leave it up until July when our triplet grandchildren, who could never be here at Christmas, were coming for their birthday.  After they were gone, I thought, why take it down now? It was just another 5 months until Christmas. Yes, it was up all year! It sure felt good to put it away that December!

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