Friday, March 2, 2018

Sweet Tea Party Memories

I love to scrapbook because I know how valuable it is to have pictures of our family as they grow from year to year. As one gets older, sometimes his or her memory will slip a little. Pictures help us to  remember people, places and things accurately.

As one who has many pictures of when I was a little child, I can say that I would have never known much about the time I was little, because I have no brothers or sisters to tell me. My mother and father have both gone on to their heavenly home, so I can no longer ask them.

Sometimes people with very good memories, lose their mental capacity over time. They will remember the past better than the present. Pictures are a comfort to them, because the pictures  are familiar to them when they are no longer capable of understanding the present, sometimes forgetting even names of loved ones.

Well, the heavy winds that were predicted did come through. We had lots of branches torn off our trees, but there were no very large ones affected, thank God.  Some parts of the country are suffering very much from heavy storm damage.

Let's pray for those who are affected by loss of power and more.

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