Wednesday, March 7, 2018

He Did It

I have a to admit that this hurts my brain just to think of it. Solving a Rubik's Cube is hard enough, so hard that I don't even try any more. I can't imagine, picking up a thoroughly mixed up cube, solving it, memorizing the moves, then solving it blind-folded.  Well God made everyone different. No two alike...unless identical twins are exactly alike and I know they at least have different finger prints.

Aussie has the right kind of brain! As it says above,  'It is really hard and not many people can do it, even in competitions.'

Thankfully, he is not limited to cube solving. He's very good at many things...and what he can't do, there are two more of the triplets who can fill in the blanks with their own talents. It is a busy household.

Please stay in touch with what your children are learning and doing in school and seeing on TV. You might be surprised to know that school can be a dangerous place to be in these times, not only from the mentally deranged, but also from brainwashing.

May God bless you all with the stamina to hold the faith and do what is right at this challenging time in history. We need to read the word, think for ourselves and teach our children to do likewise. 

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