Friday, April 13, 2018

Father and Daughter

It has been a a couple of days since I posted. The reason is, my computer had overworked  itself and I had to get a new one. I'm very happy with the one  I got, but I surely did miss having a computer for so many hours in a row. It is plain to see that I am addicted.  Withdrawals had me so desperate that  I was working word puzzles to avoid work.

But that is over and I'm back to my old self, making digital scrapbook layouts. It is great to be back and it is great to have all this power at my fingertips. I'm  finding things that had somehow gone missing, or were at least beyond the capability of my computer to find.

On the 20th of March, we got a call from April that she was driving up to the area to pick up something her  builder's needed. It was not a short drive for her, although, since she was leaving from her son's  place, it wasn't as far as it would have been from her home. Needless to say, having to get back with the supplies, she was keeping up a fast pace and we had to squeeze in our visit. We did have lunch and a short visit. And we enjoy each and every chance for a hug.

Thank you, April, for being so attentive no matter how busy your life gets.

We love all our children, and since none of them live in our state, we cherish every minute they are here.

I would not like to go back to the early 1900's, but I do like the way families stuck together back then. Often they even lived in the same house.  Today, at least in our case, jobs took our children away from here, some of them, far from here. It is sad  to not see family members often, but the distance certainly makes each meeting very special.

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