Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sweet Liberty

On the long walk from the hotel to the cruise ship, Mason sat  down for a bit to rest. Kennedy spotted him there and  took the liberty of joining  him, making him blush a bit and providing the opportunity for a proof picture of them 'loitering' in front of the sign, "No Loitering".

Then we have Mason in view of the statue of liberty, given to us by France.   For quite a while now our countries have not seen eye to eye on least the French people didn't seem to like us that well. However, now that we have our president Trump and they have elected a new president, Emmanuel Macron, we are walking hand in hand.  Praise God for the renewal of  our fellowship.

It is wonderful to live in a free country where we have sweet liberty. I am asking God  to continue to bless us with the freedom given to us by our Constitution and to prevent those who would do our country wrong and take away that freedom, from doing that.

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