Sunday, July 7, 2019

America the Beautiful

John and Beth took the  kids,  Caleb, Oliver and Julia to the July 4th parade in Ft Collins. They really enjoyed it, especially when a police officer came down the street with a cooler and gave each child a special treat.

Independence Day is a great day to celebrate as a family. 

As our children grow, we hope that they grow in independence in a healthy way. We want them to become completely independent some day. We want them to be able to make wise decisions and to support themselves. 

That is not a whole lot different from why we celebrate July 4th. We are grateful that our forefathers made the decision to break off from the countries from which they came and especially the country  who wanted to reign over us with the same laws we were escaping. We were determined to become a free people, independent from Europe and dependent  on our God to guide us instead. It was a noble call. Freedom has been a great thing. We have had our struggles, but we were better for them. They taught us lessons. We had to fight to give women a voice. We had to fight to give all men and women equal treatment under the law and in practice. We did it. 

We were doing quite well until some who want us to fail and fall into socialism started dividing us into groups, women against men, blacks against their white brothers, rich against poor, college educated against self educated, moral against immoral, etc. It isn't right. We are all one, no need to divide  unless you are wanting to cause bad feelings and real trouble.

Lets pull together and defeat those who want to divide us.

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