Thursday, July 4, 2019

Independence Day 2019

Although today is Independence Day, we are holding off our big celebration until Saturday when we here at the lakes celebrate with fireworks over the lake.  

However, we did get to witness the greatest patriotic happening since  I was much, much younger. Actually,  I would rank it above anything I've seen. It was the speech by our president who gave a very good history lesson of our country. We watched our wonderful military planes flying over our National 4th of July military parade.

It was the joy of seeing the National Mall completely filled with people happy to see our president.  It  was the introductions of many heroes and the fact that Trump said  all the right things. God bless America. Our president said that we will never be a socialist country. I pray he is right about that and that the people of this country will remain free.  I won't have long to live, but I really want the best for my children and grandchildren.

My layout is not patriotic, but it shows someone else I love dearly...our little Julia. Last night, I posted a layout of her after her haircut. This one is  made of her pictures going  through the process of washing and cutting her beautiful blond hair.

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