Monday, July 29, 2019

ORU at O'Charley's

What was planned as a birthday dinner, turned out to be just a cheer me up get together, when one of the birthday girls chose her grandchildren over us. Yes, we were just fine with that. We would all have done the same thing.

Paulette is one of our July birthday girls, but she got the chance to take her grands to Canada for the week. They had a great time.

The rest of us fared well also. Since we already had this outing planned, we went with it. We really appreciate these fun dinners which are farther apart than they were when we were younger and more stationary.

This time we chose a restaurant that was closer to home and it turned out to be a very good choice. Our evening exuded with happiness there at O'Charley's.

Local members of ORU present: Sali, Jane, Phyllis, Becky and me, Lou Ann

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