Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fetching Beauty

Here I am, thinking of chocolate. what is this attraction that has me under its spell? Sunday I was given chocolate from my sweetie for Valentine's Day. It is my first chocolate gift on Valentine's Day since seventh grade. I never would have guessed it would affect me like it did...but I love it. Thank you, Ron. But for some reason I'm now having trouble saying no...
to food. We had a big dinner at church Sunday and then today we girls went out after Ladies' Class to celebrate Pancake Day and I ate blueberry crepes. Haven't had them but one other time in my life. That was when we lived in Boston and I had just turned 30. I now exceed the
weight limit on the Main Street Bridge. You girls know what that means...diet tomorrow. No
looking back to the cacao orchard and pineapple fields of Hawaii. NO more pancakes. (But I do have great pictures for the blog tomorrow.) The first of February is a memory only, not something to wear forever.

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