Friday, September 2, 2011

Coventry High School Class of 1961

On the weekend of June 17-19 our class met first at Anthes' Prime. I really enjoyed it, since I'd not been to a reunion or seen more than two of the classmates who attended since 1981 when my 'baby' was only 1 year old.  As you can expect 30 more years planted themselves on us in less than glamorous ways...for most of us anyway.  But it was fun to just pick up friendships where they had left off and interesting to form new friendships free from the encumbrances of then and full of the experiences we've had since graduation.

It was enlightening  to hear the more adventuresome routes some of our classmates had taken and comforting to know that many were much like ourselves.

It was devastating to think that 40 of us had already gone back to their maker.  One died just a few weeks ago after having attended.  Life is short and one never knows the time.  It's best to be ready.

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