Friday, September 9, 2011

TheMost Amazing Anything of Evertime

The triplets thoroughly enjoyed acting in the play written and directed by Cori Laemmel at the Larry Keaton Theater in Nashville.  Even though it was performed several times, I was not able to go see it.  With it  only a 10 hour drive one way, you'd think a grandmother could do that...but it just wasn't possible.

 I am  pleased that Chelle was able to send me many pictures.  They are so good. I can tell Ashley and Aussie had a great time.  They really seemed to get into acting. Of course I can understand that.  With a father who is a playwrightt, they've been encouraged in that line since they were old enough to talk.  This was, however, their first full length play.

 Perhaps someone who knows the names of the characters they played will comment below.

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  1. The layouts are beautiful! They plan to try out for another play at the end of the month. This time it is a musical and I'm making Mason audition too.