Monday, September 5, 2011


What a surprise  it was for me to walk in and see that what I had worn to 'Aloha' fit so very well into the decor. My shirt matched the place mats  exactly. And my purse had blue flowers the color of the tablecloth.

These are insignificant facts that I'll remember about August 21st. More importantly, you'll remember  I had mentioned not long ago a  party we had at church recently, which was planned and carried out by a new generation stepping up to bat. It is a wonderful feeling  to see 'new blood' in the leadership roles. It is very satisfying to see them do so very well.  The church will be renewed by those who have the energy to build.  Great job.  We love you and appreciate your positive energy.

We need the younger generations to bring our nation back to solid ground.  For our sake, but especially for their own livelihoods and freedom.  If the young don't come alive and figure out what is happening to their country, we are sunk and will drown in our own ignorance.

The liberal plan, as I see it now, is to sink us into internal civil war before we are able to vote out this bunch of socialists who are running the show....and then to take over with a harsh dictatorship.  They are pitting everyone against everyone else. We must unite and rebuild together.

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