Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Often when we plan a boat ride for a group, the weather turns out to be less that perfect...all right...sometimes it is downright dreadful.  But  today WAS a PERFECT day.  Of course with such wonderful weather, we did run into difficulty.  We chose to eat at the Old Harbor.  We docked, got off the boat and waited a while to be seated, then we waited for the waitress to get our drink orders. then we waited for the waitress to take our orders, then we waited, waited, waited for our lunches.  About the time we had decided to open the sweet and low  packages and sprinkle them on the ketchup and mustard to stave off the hunger pains, our food arrived.  It was worth the wait and immediately a hush fell over our table as we all devoured the sandwiches, salads, beer batter fish...  But then we waited for the checks.

Now I'm not complaining about the service.  They certainly was doing the very best they could.  They just didn't expect so many people today.  It was not a weekend and past the really busy season but lots of people showed up and filled the deck over the water.  It was no one's fault and for the most part we were patient and understanding...but we did get really hungry.

The lake was just too pleasant to leave, so we stayed out a long time.

When I got home late this afternoon from a boat ride with friends, I had more pictures of Caleb.  Tomorrow, I hope to have one here of Ashley's baptism...just didn't get anything done today. 

I hope you all are getting a good picture of our candidates  for president, so that there are no surprises this time. To know what a man or woman will do as president, look at what he or she has already done.

Oh and on a good note.  All were natural born citizens of the United States and were raised in this country.  And that is something we've never had to worry about before.

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