Monday, September 26, 2011

These are some of the things happening at the Mum Festival at Lake Anna yesterday, September 25.

After years of wanting to go to this festival that is not far from here, I finally got to attend a little while yesterday.

I'm trying to think of a smooth way to tie the festival to the following rant, but am about to fall asleep at the smooth it is not.

I am borrowing the thoughts of my good friend, Paulette, tonight.

"It makes me crazy that the government makes laws before long term effects are known or even before the big picture in considered.  In my mind, it is the kudu principle.  It seemed like a good thing to plant kudzu in the south until it started growing to the extent that it now seems to be covering several states.  The long term effects weren't considered. Incandescent light bulbs were banned in favor of energy efficient ones.  We didn't look into how to dispose of them or the negative impact on the seepage of mercury on the environment from these broken light bulbs.  Energy efficient toilets sounds like a good idea to save a bit of water until people realized they have to flush more than once to get the job done.  Energy efficient dish washers don't do the job so we have to put glassware through twice trying to get it clean.  Where's the efficiency?  Who considered the gib picture?  Even some pesticides that killed mosquitos was removed from usage because of studies that are now known to have been fraudulent. "

Not only are we failing in our fight of diseases carried by mosquitos.  We even have begun what seems to be becoming a plague of bed bugs because of the ban on effective pesticides.

And from Paulette again: "I guess we could all learn from this.  I shouldn't be so reactionary.  I need to look at the big picture. I should be more patient to do things in God's timing rather that hurrrying past Him to do what I want to do to accomplish my own agenda."

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