Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caleb's Picnic

Colorado has been having some warm, bright days recently. Of course that is not a rarity like it is here in Ohio.  It's great for a two year old to be able to get outdoors and run off energy.  Here he is settled down with his picnic lunch and new sandals. 

It was beautiful here today and if I could have spared the time, I would have been out in our yard cutting and dragging away debris from last year's greenery.

 It so happened  that we had a luncheon at church for the older set.  Being on a diet and watching everyone dig into the types of food that were popular in the 60's and 70's  (fried chicken, gravy, macaroni and cheese...you get the picture) could have been hard; but I really have become a salad person this year. So, it didn't tempt me one bit.  The only thing that got my attention was key lime pie; but I was able to pass it by.  So after eating sparingly, I went to Curves and worked out for one hour. Now if I don't break through this barrier I've hit and lose another pound, I surely will be surprised, because I also skipped dinner and drank a 140 calorie soy shake instead.

I'm saying I did not have a picnic today.

Neither is it a picnic to listen to some of the liberals spout off these days.  There is a comedian named Bill Maher who was making fun of Santorum for homeschooling his children.  Now to show the side I'm on, I whole hardily support home schooling now, even though I taught in public school...back when my first graders actually learned how to read in that 9 month school year.  Today our children are not safe in most public schools: educationally, physically, mentally or emotionally.  If I had a child now, even at my age, I would consider it a necessity to home school him or her.   Okay, back to Maher.  I won't even repeat here some of the tripe he spewed.  But I really appreciated Santorum's comeback.  He said that his 12 year old boy could out reason Maher.  Not knowing the child, I would still be willing to bet that he is  much better able to deduce situations in the political arena and beyond than is the comedian.

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