Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Record Breaking

When I read this article in the paper this morning, I decided  I had to do a  spring layout, since I hadn't yesterday on the official first day of spring.  In this area of the country, the first day of spring generally means nothing because we are still pretty cold...many times, snowy.  But so far this year, it has been wonderfully sunny. Winter went by without much of the white stuff at all.  Now we are breaking all time records.  (Who knows what happened before records?) I do know a few people who have missed a true winter, but there are not many of them. I don't believe in manmade  global warming; but if by chance it would be like this...bring it on.  I wouldn't be disappointed if it were like this every year.

This is one of those days when I've taken in all the news and have decided to mull over it before acting.
It is not pleasant and I would rather just enjoy the good things God has given us right now and ignore the big problems down the road.  The problem is, I fear we are nearing the end of that road. We will have to pays the debt for having let things get so bad, for not teaching our children better, for allowing TV to go almost completely to immorality, for electing people who should have never been in office or even near one.

Now, let me just be happy with the sunshine for a little while.  I'll pray that God will keep watch and protect us.  But I'm not going far...not straying from my path of study and devotion to the master.

By the way, we did break another record today with 80 degrees.  The next to hottest day for this date here was 75.

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