Sunday, March 25, 2012


When it comes to juicing, I'm not a good team player.  I do support Ron in his desire to be healthier, but I'm just not going to participate. I would rather chew my veggies.  Anyway, some of his friends are more obliging.  A few weeks ago, Frank was the guinea pig for Ron's latest concoction.  I'm not sure what was in there,. It surely looked awful.  But Frank was a good sport and tasted it.  I don't know if  he liked it, but at least he didn't spew it across the room.

Speak of spewing, the presidential campaign is becoming somewhat rough. Many say they would rather hear the candidates showing more love of their fellow man while pointing out why they themselves would make the better candidate.  However, politicians found that the negative ads help with many other people.

It is uncomfortable to watch some of the ads, even when they are true representations of facts.  Following is one such ad.  This link was posted on the Blaze: Watch and let us know what you think about it.

Democrats don't like Santorum's new ad, "Welcome To Obamaville"

Rick Santorum's campaign just launched the first in a series of eight ads dedicated to showing what America would look like if President Obama is re-elected.  Many on the left are not pleased with this 'cautionary tale.'
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