Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opinion, Plus

Since Caleb lives in Colorado and I am in Ohio, I haven't seen this little helmet in person.  I'm pretty well impressed. I googled images to see if I could find another one so that I could make out the images.  Well I didn't find any that were anywhere as cute as this one. He certainly is ready to conquer that playground.

My political interest today has been piqued by the Supreme Court case on Obama care.  It couldn't be more interesting, in my opinion.  Many of the questions asked by the court justices are pure genius. If you get a chance, listen to some of it as it is rerun on the news.  Of course, you'll have to consider your source because many of the stations are simply slanted toward the leftist view. You would be better off to try Fox News where they "report, you decide".  

I also ran across a very interesting piece by Teresa Kavouras on a scrapbooking site called Happy to Create.  You might check it out here if you are interested in scrapbooking.

This is her article:

I’m not a proponent of Global Warming. Well, at least not the Al Gore definition of Global Warming. I am a scientist, educated in the field of meteorology. I have spent many an hour determining how to move a parcel of air up into the atmosphere, assuming no outside forces are acting upon it. I’ve taken classes in climatology, history, geology, astronomy, and earth science, just to mention a few. I also read articles pertaining to weather and climate on a regular basis. I consider myself to be rather educated in the field.
This is not to say I don’t believe there isn’t climate change. Our climate has been changing longer than you could ever fathom. To put it into perspective, imagine a roll of toilet paper. Not the cheap, generic toilet paper, but perhaps Scott Toilet Tissue…you know, 1000 sheets per roll. If you stretched out that roll of toilet paper and, comparing it to the age of our earth, with the piece in your hand representing the present day, on which sheet do you believe present day humans began to occupy the planet? How about when the ice age began? When dinosaurs became extinct? It may surprise you to learn that we have only been on this earth since sheet 1. The most recent ice age, the one that shaped North America, began on sheet 5. And dinosaurs became extinct on sheet 14. That is less than 5% of geologic time. And in that small amount of time, the climate of the earth has changed so drastically in either direction, that it becomes hard to imagine that as humans, we can possibly determine the climate of our planet based on the number of SUV’s that we drive, or the light bulbs that we use, or the flatulence of cattle. I’m not saying that we aren’t doing unseen harm to our planet. Pollution, litter, land fills, they all do affect us and our future generations, but the early spring that we seem to be experiencing? I’m thinking not. Mother Nature, as wise and wonderful as she may be, has a mind all her own. Her moods change like the ever changing winds. You can’t fool her. And I don’t think you push her in one direction or the other.
So, before you go blaming the actions of a few for the wonderful, early arrival of spring this year, remember who is really responsible. And that in the lifetime of this earth, there have been more than a few early springs. Rather, do as I do, and appreciate the blessing of it. For next year, things are bound to be different, and as quickly as this spring has arrived, our memory of it will be as “old” as the sheets of toilet paper we’ve used today.

This lady is not only a scientist, but she creates some really nice supplies for digital scrapbooking.

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