Friday, March 30, 2012

Super (Tool) Man

After John (and Caleb) put these two tables together, Caleb climbed up on them and POW, he was Super Tool Man.

It is looking more and more like Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican Tool Man. I pray he can be a super one at that.  With endorsements from President George H.W. Bush, Florida Rep. Marco Rubio and  Paul Ryan, Rep. of Wisconsin this week, he seems to be working up his base.  I've always liked Romney as a man and a speaker. I would have liked to see him be a little more conservative.  However, he is sooooooo conservative in comparison to Barak Hussein Obama...who, I venture to say, has not has a conservative thought in his whole lifetime.  Romney is a true American, born citizen, and most of all, he loves his country.  He is not out to see it's demise as is the Democratic candidate. 

I would ask all of you who are supporting one of the other Republican candidates to at least consider supporting the candidacy of Mitt Romney...otherwise this could go into the convention.  That is what I"d been hoping for, but I'm now convinced it would not be good at all.  So now, I am praying that he sews this up quickly and gets busy campaigning. 

 I highly respect the opinions of Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, so will be cheering for Romney to capture the votes he needs  to avoid a confrontation at the convention in August.

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