Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dog and His Boy

Caleb and Rado are friends and very good friends at that. Rado welcomed Caleb into the world almost three years ago and Caleb has no idea what it would be like without a dog.

It is a special blessing to have a dog friend. And I'm looking forward to bringing one home some time before my birthday. I just have to decide what kind I want. We're looking for one that does not shed and is small enough to jump up on my lap and cuddle. I'm anxious to have one meet me at the door when I come home and sleep at my feet at night. I will train it to not be yippy, but I do want  it to let me know if there is danger that I haven't sensed.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

Perhaps not on the subject, but on my mind tonight is this  quote of Corrie Ten Boom:

The measure of life, after all,
 is not its duration, but it's donation.

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