Friday, March 21, 2014

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

Here we are with Caleb on another trip to Laughing Buck Farm. He really looks forward to  rides on 'his' horse. It doesn't matter what the weather is; he is ready to go.  

I  love the idea behind this farm in the city. Its focus is on teaching 'city' kids about farm life and to care for and appreciate the animals. 

They are all good lessons that many children do not get these days while sitting in front of a TV or computer. One thing they learn is respect for others  and for animals.

TV is no longer a place to learn to live a good and healthy life, free from the consequences of jealousy and sin.  There are not many shows at all that are fit to watch by children...or adults.   You understand, if you know me very well, that I don't watch TV much at all.  However, we have over the last few years started watching series that have exceptional first seasons and then when they've built their audiences and have loyal followers they always introduce a character whose life is on the sinful side and instead of showing how that causes the person trouble, it glorifies him or her.  It is an under-handed and  nefarious way to corrupt our nation.

There is one show though that is trying to fill the void for a short time each week. It is Duck Dynasty...and I do appreciate what they are trying to do, even though I have only seen it a few times.
I love the way they have stood up to the network and sponsors when they have tried to make it sound like they were using swear words, etc. They have stood their ground as well on prayer. They will not discontinue praying together. They would rather leave the show than corrupt themselves for the money. 

The show is producing some good results. Check out a sermon that Phil Robertson, one of the stars, preached at Saddleback Church in California. It shows how love can cure a nation...Check it out.

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