Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Compare Photo to Painting.

I get a kick out of Photoshop Elements. It lets me turn photographs into drawings or paintings that mimic many media, like chalk, watercolor, oil  and pencil.

This painting of Caleb is very interesting. I put the actual photo in a pocket on the same layout for comparison.

Of course to me any picture of our grandson is special...but this makes it even more so.

I did not post on this blog last night, and I also didn't meet the deadline I was trying to hit in order to save $81 on my newest book. However, since I was having technical difficulties last night until after midnight and there was no one at My Publisher to help me through it,  I was given another day to send it off to the publisher. I just needed about  one hour's work today, so I finished it by 10:00 this morning.   I imagine the book will be delivered by early next week. And, I got the sale price.

Meanwhile. I've started another one! I am a glutton for punishment.  I should have more time to work on one starting next week. Some of us at church are starting a 21 day fast. I'll be limiting my food intake, but also cutting out Words With Friends and Facebook. It will be  a sacrifice. I enjoy both quite a  bit, but both activities are eating up my time

As I fast, I plan to pray that our people will turn back to God and make Him want to save us from our enemies who are growing more bold daily. We are in a weakened state militarily now and are setting ducks. We need God.

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