Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Robin of Spring

Even though our friend Robin made it back from Florida earlier this week, I have not seen her; so she is not my spring robin.

Actually I've not expected to see one of those fair weather birds yet. So imagine my surprise when I looked out and there he was,  hopping around the shrubs in the snow. I grabbed the camera I keep here on my desk and got a photo of it in the tree outside my window.

I'm still thinking about that little red breasted bird. Will it freeze? What will it eat, since the ground is still frozen and everything is snow covered? What can I do about it? I would put out bird seed, but robins prefer soft bodies invertebrates and berries. I don't know if they will even eat birdseed.  As much as I like the clean cover of snow, seeing this hungry bird brings a wish for warmer weather.

I have much the same concern for all those in our country whose jobs have ended because of the irresponsible  policies of our government. Many have to rely other taxpayers, when they would much rather be able to work and earn a living on their own.

If we are to save our country from those would destroy it, we must turn from the world and ask God to forgive us.

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