Tuesday, March 11, 2014

They Think You Are Stupid

Our little grandson is so blessed to have a great mommy and daddy. His mommy stays home with him and his brother and keeps them busy with plenty of life learning activities. I love these pictures of Caleb helping make apple chips. He is a busy boy with a train load of experience. He is at home in the kitchen as well as the garage and yard. He is a big helper.

Don't think he will ever let the press think for him.

Our title today is  about those in the press. They think we are stupid. And they are right sometimes. It is easy to pull the wool over a sheep's eyes if all they hear is filtered through the press. And that goes for human's as well.

I remember my 5th grade teacher. She had been raised behind the Iron Curtain and had escaped to the USA and to freedom. She taught us to think for ourselves.  Of course, I got a good dose of that at home as well. But she put it to practical use and helped us learn through the experiences  she had as a young girl in Albania.

For the most part, the Democrats in Congress and our President and their tools in the  media are copying that Communist way and trying to convince us they are good for the country. The sad thing is, so many of us have had our heads in the proverbial sand, that they are winning way too many people to subjugation (slavery).

Check this out  to see  what I'm talking about.  Watch it now.

If you didn't learn anything new, watch it again. Check the price of gasoline when George Bush left office and the price of gas now.  Listen to the Democrats cry because of the lower price in Bush's presidency. Then watch Obama laugh at  how high gas prices are now.

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