Friday, January 2, 2015


A pet is as patriotic as it's master. Maggie shows my patriotism on Veterans Day in November. 

One year, I celebrated Veterans Day in the hospital giving birth to our daughter, Chelle.

This year I didn't do anything quite that outstanding. I just dressed up my dog in a flag headband, which fit her body better than her head. 

What I really wanted to do then and every day is to fly a large flag from a tall flagpole in front of my house. Since I can't do that on my own, I have to be satisfied to stare at one that neighbors erected on their is in a perfect place for me to see as I work around the house, inside and out. I am thankful for that flag and for all those over the years who have made it possible, and especially for those who must still fight to keep that flag flying.  I pray for those who must fight local authorities for that right that was given us many years ago.

I hope to make this a patriotic year at our house.

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