Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Theater Bug Cast

Theater Bug puts on play after play, all good for these kids who enjoy theater. This is a great cast picture of those in a production this last month of December.  

The show was written with an historical feel, so their costumes were to reflect that time in the past.  Ashley's mother put together the outfit for her first tap dance, to fit the time frame.  She looked really cute, as did all the others.

I'm not really crazy about those adults in show business these days. It is a very hard business in which to hold on to morals. However, it is good to keep children busy with good activities where the parents are involved. 

Ashley and her brothers have been in many plays over the years. They enjoy it and have made some good friends. 

Living so far away, we have only seen a couple of their productions...but were happy to have that opportunity.

I am praying that all of this generation is allowed the freedom to worship that was given to all through our Constitution. May that freedom never cease.

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