Saturday, November 3, 2018

Trick or Treat

Well there should be no reason to go without a Halloween costume in the Greene family. Since their dad has a theater and writes plays, there is a big love of costuming. Chelle and Ashley both love to make costumes. So there is really no problem finding something  to wear on Halloween.

Here, Ashley is wearing one of her cosplay outfits, that of Link,  which you've seen posted on this blog earlier this week. And Mason? Do you recognize him on your right? He certainly does look different. He might be  dressed as someone you know.  I can't say that  I recognize what character, if any, he is; but he really does look scary. I mean if I looked in the mirror and my hair looked like that, I'd be frightened.

When  this picture was taken, they were begging at their own  house, where their mother was dressed in costume and handing out treats.

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