Sunday, August 30, 2009

King and Queen

I left you hanging yesterday because of time constraints.

This was taken on our anniversary last week. Looks like a big occasion, doesn't it? HA. Well that was it this year. I guess we can blame that on the economy or a husband who forgot (for the first time in 42 years) and made plans to have dinner with our neighbors at our favorite week night restaurant where we LOVE the salad bar. Everything is so fresh. And their fish and chicken are great as well. The strange thing is, it is connected to and owned by a super grocery store...which explains the freshness of everything.

This over sized chess set is right outside the door and that night we decided to play...
like we enjoyed chess...which I do, but he doesn't. Anyway. It just came to me later that we
were the queen and king of the game. CHECKMATE!

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