Friday, August 21, 2009

Deer in My Driveway

I can't remember whom I told just a few days ago that we would NEVER have deer because we have lake on three sides of us and only suburban residential for miles the other way... plus a four lane highway.

At 3:07 PM today, I was in my normal spot with my computer by the window looking over the driveway toward our garage and rentals. All of a sudden movement caught my attention.

There was a camera laying next to me, but I had frozen in shock. When I regained my wits, I ran out with it, but the deer was no where to be seen. Who was going to believe me? About 15 minutes later, my husband came home. He asked me how long it had been and went to the new security system's log. Sure enough, we were able to see it come and go. He was able to clip a still picture for me and here it is. The system is paying off after all. (The color is not the best, but it does have night vision and the exact second is stamped at the bottom.) I'm impressed.

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