Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm so excited for Patreece. Denny got her a new camera, and a very cool one. It has lots of neat features.

She had arranged for a picnic yesterday. We were happy to supply the pontoon ride to and from the state park. Most would think the weather was perfect. I must have been in the low 90's, much too hot for a fair Yankee like me. But I still had a great time. We met some very nice people. And it was fun seeing someone as enthusiastic about photography as I am. Patreece has published her first book now with My Publisher and should be going with me to the Scrapgirls convention in Salt Lake City this year. She is learning so fast. I anticipate that soon we will be helping each other with our digi-scrapping. However, she is afraid she is not ready for the classes and wants to wait until next year. (Considering our nation's new bent toward socialism, I hope there can be one next year.)

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