Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tea Party Patriots

Tonight I went to the largest tea party held in Ohio so far. It was called the Akron Tea Party and held at the River Front Square in Cuyahoga Falls. There were over 7,000 of us there.
This evening it was very encouraging to see so many real red blooded Americans who have realized that to keep their freedom, they must no longer sit back. These people are no longer the silent majority. Our country has been taken over by anti-Americans...those who don't want it to be Christian, moral, or even free. We have had enough! We are ready to fire Congress and the president.

The only thing that saddens me about the tea parties is that we only see white people there. Freedom isn't just for whites, but for everyone. I wish there were some way we could get the word out that all Americans are at risk to lose their freedoms and security. Congress and the president are enemies of ALL our people...male, female, young, old, black, white, yellow, God fearing , atheists, professionals and common workers. Many have worked hard to divide us through the years. (Divide and conquer.) Stand together everyone! Go to Check out what you can do now.

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