Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hawaiian Trails and Cryptograms

I've written about all the activity we crammed into our days in Hawaii. On the 25th we walked from Kilauea Iki to the Lava Tube. It was quite lovely as one would expect. Tomorrow, I'll post two more layouts of the Lava Tube adventure.

I like to do the word cryptograms offered at www.wordles.com. Every morning, it is my first exercise of mental acuity. Along with each puzzle is a memorable quote...generally quite entertaining to me. One day recently Doug Larson was quoted as saying, "The principle function of March is to use up the winter weather that wouldn't fit into February."

We had our first preview of spring here today, with bright sun and 50 degrees.
This year we packed a lot of winter into February, so I'm hoping there is none left over for March. It feels so good to go outdoors without 10 pounds of wool on my back.

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