Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rocky Mountains

The temperature when this picture was made was 39. In Fort Collins the bright sun makes it feel much warmer than the thermometer reads. However, when we got up into the Rocky Mountains, it felt quite cold in the wind.

John was using my xshot for the first time and he took several pictures, trying to get us all in the frame. I decided part of my face was enough. After all, Caleb was not quite a month old and he didn't need all that cold air.

The telescoping xshot caused them to go through my purse at the security checkpoint in the airport when we returned home. The officer thought it looked like some kind of weapon, I suppose. I had to explain to him how it was used.

Of course, then they had to plow through my carry on as well...and Ron's since he was with me.
We ended up losing about 3 ounces of toothpaste in a large tube, a couple ounces of after shave, and a container of sun block leftever from the Hawaii trip. But worst of all, they wouldn't let me have the aguava nectar we had bought on the Celestial Seasonings tour. It cost me $6.99. However when we returned home, we were able to purchase the nectar locally for $4.99. That is one indication of the difference in the cost of living here from that of Colorado. I'd much rather live here in the best kept secret the US has and just travel to the Rockies and elsewhere once in a while.

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