Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Fly Over Country, But Not Dumb As a Rock

I've posted another couple of Hawaii layouts. Love the rocks!

You've probably guessed that some elites in Washington consider those of us who live in 'fly over country' to be dumb as rocks. Well we are not as ignorant as many Harvard grads.

It's been a busy day. Good thing. Haven't had time to fret about our Congress that has run amuck. Wow, THE perfect word. For those of you not familiar with it, it means 'in a condition of murderous insanity'.

Have been feverishly working on my Hawaii Book. Had a goal of getting it done by Tuesday night; but looks like that is an impossibility. I'm still not deterred. Will work on it up until midnight. Who knows. I could make it or at least be ready to set another more reasonable goal.
Am anxious to get it done, so I can dedicate some time to doing Colorado layouts, day to day things and of course Easter, as it is coming up quickly.

Have considered running for Congress. Don't laugh. Couldn't do any worse than what we have right now under the heavy hand of the Obama-Pelosi team. I've had it. Can't take it anymore. Am a registered Democrat. Even though we've had way too much 'change' the last year, I will 'change' that as soon as possible. Just not sure what that change will be. The Republicans are making much more sense than the Democrats . Can I register Tea Party? Or does it have to be Independent? Guess I need to google that.

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