Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hiding Out

When I run the vacuum, which I have to admit isn't often enough, the cat runs and hides. The last few months, she has headed for the laundry room to find a safe retreat from that evil machine...her words, not mine. She likes the 'gentle care' basket for some reason.

I was reminded of this, not because I got out the vacuum. I didn't. I didn't clean anything but the kitchen counters and dishes. Well I did a couple loads of clothes, but it was a light day. I hid out in my scrapbook room with my computer practically all day. Have been working on my Hawaii layouts. Want to get the book done and have it ready to by published once they run a good sale....then I can get my Christmas stuff packed away in the appropriate boxes before our son comes to visit from Florida. Woops. Don't think I'll make it by then.

Do you ever feel like hiding? Do you hide your head in the sand? We can't do that anymore. We have to keep awake and on our feet. Hope you all get a good Sunday rest so that next week you can write your representatives.

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